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Customer Requirements

Our goal is simple - to provide the best website and email services available along with friendly, personal attention. Hosting a limited number of customers is the precise reason why we are able to provide secure, helpful and reliable service to each client.

Our clients include healthcare companies, law firms, investment and financial companies, medical companies, real estate companies, construction companies, artists, biotechnology companies, sports and recreation companies, research companies, educational institutions, non-profit organizations and others.

Although we would love to provide service to everyone, it is simply not possible as we would be unable to maintain our level of quality. Therefore, our customers must meet certain requirements:

  • The primary function of the website and associated email accounts must not include audio/video streaming or downloads, Internet chat, gaming, junk email (solicited or unsolicited) and other bandwidth intensive services.
  • The website must not have more than 100,000 hits per day.
  • The website and associated email accounts must not violate our Acceptable Use Policy.
  • The website must not contain adult material.
  • Our clients (Businesses and professionals) must have at least one year of operating history.
  • For more information please contact us.

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