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Our Systems, Technology and Infrastructure

Built by Internet Engineers.

Unlike many web site and email service providers we own and operate our own network and computing systems. Our technical infrastructure is housed within state-of-the-art Internet Data Center facilities located in Tokyo, Japan and San Francisco, California. Our systems are designed to be extremely secure and redundant thus providing 100% uptime to all clients.

Data Centers (picture on right) are buildings where servers and other computing equipment are housed. Servers are machines that "serve" internet content, from websites and chat rooms to email. Companies such as Yahoo, IBM, Merrill Lynch, etc... use such Data Centers to house critical Internet servers.

Our high performance website and email systems are built and maintained by some of the most elite Internet Engineers in the industry. High security and rock solid performance ensures that our clients enjoy the benefits of a secure, reliable, worry free environment for all their website and email needs.

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