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Executive Summary
We provide fully managed website and email services to businesses and professionals. Working with the Internet since 1991 and incorporated in 2003, Internet Engineering Association specializes in providing extremely secure, private and reliable Internet services. Our clients include healthcare companies, law firms, investment and financial companies, medical companies, real estate companies, construction companies, artists, biotechnology companies, sports and recreation companies, research companies, educational institutions, non-profit organizations and others. Our design, hosting and management services provide clients a reliable, worry free environment for all their website and email needs.

For one flat monthly fee we take care of everything. This includes website design and updates, web and email hosting, search engine submission and optimization, email setup (, email maintenance and technical support. There are no hidden fees, no extra charges, and no catches. You take care of your business; we'll take care of your website and email.

Unlike many website and email service providers, we own and operate our network and computing systems. We are not resellers nor do we allow others to resell our services. This is a very important control mechanism when it comes to maintaining quality service.

If you already have a website or website designer, your website can be easily migrated to our systems. We encourage you to browse through our web pages and look forward to hearing from you.

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